Yuzuki is the third son of the owner of the Hirano's Imports Shop. His mother was a prostitute who was believed to have abandoned him when he was a child.

He trained to be a vigilante once he became an adult, unlike the other characters who had trained since childhood. His teachers were Soji and Aoi from the Edo Vigilante.

Before the game Yuzuki had many offers of marriage but turned them all down.


Yuzuki has light purple hair and green eyes. He is noted as having androgynous features, and before Saori joined the vigilante, was the one to be disguised as a woman. Saori notes that Yuzuki does not bear a strong resemblance to his brothers.


At first Yuzuki seems like a sweet, kind person, however he hides a dark side. Because of his past he has a deep rooted dislike for women, who he treats with disgust and disdain. Yuzuki acts formally around his father and half-brothers, feeling as if he doesn't belong. By the end of his route he has overcome his dislike of women.


Saori picks Yuzuki to be her instructor, which the other vigilante members approve of.