Yukiya Reizen is a student and potential romance option in Wizardess Heart+.



Yukiya Reizen - Character Info

Yukiya's character description

Yukiya is typically quiet and tends to isolate himself from others. Although some may perceive his behavior to be cold, he is actually kind and considerate. He is reluctant to allow anyone to get closer to him because he does not want their reputation to be hurt.


Yukiya Reizen was born on April 10th[1] and raised in a small village within the Kingdom of Gedonelune. When he was young, a group of raiders invaded his village. Out of desperation for strength to protect the people he loved, he wished for magical powers. A talking wolf approached Yukiya and offered him magical powers if he agreed to a binding contract. In exchange for the nourishment that his soul provided, the wolf would remain by his side in order to lend him magical powers. As a consequence, he turns into a beast during every full moon and experiences great pain in his left eye every time he uses magic. Yukiya grew to regret his decision and now views his contract as more of a curse. His suffering led him to despise magic, which he believes is a cruel power that could only be used for harm instead of good.

He eventually enrolled as a student at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. However, a rumor claiming that Yukiya possesses a contagious curse soon became widespread. Consequently, his peers avoid him and perceive him to be an eerie person, and no one wanted to be Yukiya's roommate. Elias Goldstein offered to room with Yukiya, hoping that it would dispel the rumors, but they continued to persist.


  • "To fully accept who you are, you have to love not only the good, but the dark side of yourself as well. Without both, it's not the entire you."[2]


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