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Willem is a businessman, an antagonist, and a potential romance option in Ninja Assassin+.


Willem was born in Holland, Netherlands. He is essentially a traveling salesman. He traveled to Edo, Japan to sell porcelain, medicine, as well as other various goods; his primary duty being to arrange for goods from Holland to be sold in stores in Japan.

He was raised by wealthy and influential parents and grew up in the company of many siblings. In his early childhood, his home was lit on fire as part of a plot devised by other families competing for power. Willem was the only member of his family to survive. Without financial support, he was homeless for some period of time and conned by a merchant who sold him to an assassin organization called the Red Rose Guild of Assassins.[1] Eventually, the organization expanded into the smuggling business, motivating Willem to travel to Japan and make profits for the organization by any means necessary.

After establishing his residence in Japan, Willem borrowed land from a local merchant to create a private rose garden, from which he planned to refine rose oil and sell the product across the country. He can occasionally be found pondering and tending to the roses in his garden. After Willem shows you the rose garden, it becomes a secret location where you rendezvous with him without the vigilantes' awareness.



  • "It is not easy for a wounded heart to heal. It takes time."
  • "I grew up not knowing love. For that reason, I have never loved anyone before."
  • "...I felt I would not be satisfied unless I had all of your affection. I realize now that must be what it means to love someone."
  • "You belong under the sun, surrounded by people who love you. I do not. We live in two separate worlds."[2]


  • Willem was released as a potential romance option on 15 November 2015.[3]


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