Background Edit

Seeing his family sadness after his father death, Vincent promised himself that even though following the same dangerous career as his father, he would never love anyone and thus he would have no one to hurt.

Plot Edit

Because of a requirement from his job to learn Medical Magic, Vincent made a deal to teach Practical Magic class in exchange to be able to attend Medical Magic class in Gedonelune, therefor, along side being a "magic researcher" he's a temporary professor and visiting student. His Practical Magic classes are mostly in: Offensive Magic with elements properties.

Vincent's RouteEdit

To make up for his bad Healing Magic, MC helps him with the healing classes, whereas he helps her with the offensive magic classes.

After all the events involving dark magic, it's revealed that Vincent was hired by the Ministry of Magic to find out where all the dark magic was coming from, thus why he hided his true reason to be in Gedonelune and even the Headmaster and Professors were not aware of it.

Leon's RouteEdit

Cerim's Route Edit

On Cerim Leiado's route, Vincent is a classmate of MC, which confuses him with a teacher.

Guy's Route Edit

On Guy Brighton's route, Vincent teaches basic synthesis on "elemental properties in combat weapons" using a throwing axe, Fracisca, for his first example and it's later revealed that on contrary to his route, on Guy's Route Vincent was hired by Randolph to keep an eye on Gedonelune and to protect it from dark magic.

Personality Edit

Stern looking researcher who doesn't talk about himself too much. He is kind and supportive of others.

In Guy's Route MC defines him as "...bright, upbeat and fun guy.".

Magical Abilities Edit

Talented in offensive magic, he teaches classes in this nature, however, he is bad at healing magic.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he is older than MC he ends up in the same class


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