"Help me make the world a better place."


Tsubaki is a relatively tall man with a slim build. He has wavy plum-coloured hair that falls past his shoulders and is tied back with a black ribbon. He has golden eyes due to his Dutch heritage. He wears a black and maroon kimono with gold patterned sleeves, a black coat with gold lining and a purple double-brooch.


Tsubaki is a reserved, yet kind and gentle individual. He is quite confident around his allies, but hides the fact that he thinks his foreign complexion is "ugly" and "unsettling". He is a good listener, and is happy to listen to Zeyo's visions for the future, even if he doesn't believe in them.


Tsubaki grew up in a brothel, raised by his mother, who was a prostitute. He later lived with his Dutch father.

Tsubaki's half-Dutch heritage led him to feel alienated wherever he went. This led him to feel bitter towards the Japan he lives in and its closed-off attitude towards foreign countries. He is allied with Toru Nakagawa, who also believes in the need for change.


  • He loves sweets
  • He fights with a three-sectioned staff, also known as a sansetsukon