Timo Salminen is a researcher and potential romance option in Love Tangle+.



Timo has medium-length ash grey hair and side-swept bangs that conceal the right side of his face. At work, he wears a researcher uniform consisting of a long-sleeve khaki shirt and matching pants. His casual outfit is a dark charcoal quarter-sleeve shirt and a gray undershirt, occasionally underneath a silver puffer vest.


Although he may seem aloof and curt toward people, Timo is extremely passionate about caring for animals and invested in his career as a researcher. His steady focus on prioritizing the wellbeing of animals is often mistaken for arrogance and inflexibility among his colleagues. While he has good intentions, he tends to communicate them ineffectively or not at all, which leads to negative assumptions and misunderstandings about his personality. Despite his tendency to avoid excessive social interactions, Timo is very perceptive of how others view him. However, he is not nearly as concerned about his reputation as he is about advocating for what is best for the animals he works with.


Timo was raised in the Northern European country of Suomiland (Finland), where the rest of his family resides. Having spent his childhood in Suomiland, he is familiar with its culture and knows how to prepare traditional dishes.

He eventually moved to Kaleido City and is currently a researcher at Kaleido National Animal Institute, where his colleagues include Julia Darwin and Paul Morgan. Timo specializes in the study of Kaleido leopards and is well-known for his talent and dedication in his work with animals. He enjoys reading scientific articles, particularly those about zoology, for leisure. In his own main story, Timo also becomes a resident of Lilac Court.


  • Timo is allergic to most animals and must take medication before interacting with them, even though he is constantly exposed to animals on a daily basis at the Kaleido National Animal Institute.
  • Timo has a low tolerance for alcohol and becomes much more talkative and affectionate while drunk.


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