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Spade is a potential romance option in Blood in Roses+. He has resided in Hotel Libra Sincera for quite some time.


Long ago, Spade was a companion to Harold, who is regarded as the ancestor of vampires. He seemed to have also played a role in reviving Harold as a vampire. After Harold's disappearance following the murder of his lover, Tatiana, Spade has remained in the castle since before it became the Hotel Libra Sincera. Spade has the ability to speak, a power that is associated with the wellbeing of the hotel, but will only do so in front of those he favors. He knows a great deal of knowledge about the hotel and its history since he has lived there for many years.


  • In The Niflheim+ spin-off, "Love Ya, Mafia," there is another cat named Diamond whose appearance is very similar to Spade's, except that his patch of fur on his back is in the shape of a diamond instead of a spade.


  1. Shall We Date? Facebook fanpage announces Spade's route debut