Main Story

Chapter 1

1-7 Choice

  • I'm not sure if I can do that. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Understood.

1-9 Get Love Letter

Chapter 2

2-1 Choice

  • I'm fine here, really. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Thank you.

2-10 Choice

  • If you just need someone to show you the way...
  • I'm sorry, I can't. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)

2-12 Get Love Letter

Chapter 3

3-2 Choice

  • You want me to come? (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Of course!

3-9 Choice

  • Thank you.
  • I don't need it. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)

3-11 Get Love Letter

Chapter 4

4-5 Choice

  • Yes, I'm fine. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • No.

4-11 Get CG

4-12 Choice

  • Okay... (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • I'm fine.

4-13 Get Love Letter

Chapter 5

5-1 Choice

  • I think it's just your imagination. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Yeah, maybe you're right.

5-3 Item Checkpoint: Purse x6

5-9 Choice

  • I can't accept this. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Thank you.

5-14 Get Love Letter

Chapter 6

6-3 Minigame Checkpoint: 33% success rate

6-3 Get CG

6-5 Choice

  • I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Yes, I know him. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)

6-8 Choice

  • That doesn't make me happy. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Thank you.

6-10 Get Love Letter

Chapter 7

7-6 Choice

  • I'm okay. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • I was so scared.

7-11 Choice

  • Just before... (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • That's enough!

7-11 Get Love Letter

Chapter 8

8-3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

8-4 Choice

  • That's not the problem! (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • Well, I guess you're right...?

8-12 Choice

  • Yes, I did. (Intimacy went up a lot!!)
  • No, of course not.

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