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Sebastian Moran is a member of the criminal organization known as 'M' and a secondary character in the game Guard Me, Sherlock!.


Sebastian was involved in criminal activity at an early age. During his childhood, he snuck into a kidnappers' hideout with the intention of stealing from them. There, he encountered James Moriarty, who was kidnapped and held for ransom, for the first time. After helping James escape, Sebastian developed a close bond with him. He joined of 'M', the criminal organization created and led by James, He currently serves as James' assistant, and according to Jack Stillman, another member of 'M', Sebastian "begged James to let him serve that role." He lives with James and Jack in James' lavish estate.



Sebastian has slightly wavy brown hair and bright emerald eyes. He normally wears a black coat with a purple hoodie underneath it. Occasionally his hood is up and partially covers his eyes in order to conceal his identity. Like James, Sebastian has a blue rose lapel pin attached to the left side of his coat to signify his involvement in 'M'.


In the presence of strangers, Sebastian is a man of few words, only talking when absolutely necessary, and often wearing a straight face. For these reasons, he is sometimes described as difficult to read. However, his lack of talking allows him to be more observant of others and analyze them so he can anticipate their behavior. While he may initially appear to be cold and emotionless, he is extremely loyal to James and devoted to fulfilling his duties as James' assistant. Sebastian also has a strong affinity for cats and will occasionally talk to them as if they are people.