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Scarlet Fate II
Scarlet Fate II
Version 1.0.0
Release date 25 November 2015
Rated Teen 12+

Scarlet Fate II is an interactive romance novel developed and published by NTT Solmare and Idea Factory. It is the sequel to Scarlet Fate and Scarlet Fate+. The game was released on Apple and Android devices worldwide on 25 November 2015.[1] It offers four stories: Song of Spring, Summer Festival, Autumn Harvest, and Winter Snowflakes.


Song of Spring

After the harsh winter season, spring emerges. Following the journey you've taken with your comrades- Gentoka, Kuso-no-mikoto, Akifusa Oki, Kodonomae, and Furugutsu Akishino- to free yourself from your fate in Scarlet Fate, you may now develop a romance with one of them.

Summer Festival

In Kifu Village, you and your comrades take part in the Summer Festival. As more unexpected company arrives, they compete for your attention, but you can't help focusing on and admiring the sight of your beloved in a yukata. Together, you create lasting memories from a lively summer night at the festival.

Autumn Harvest

You and one of your comrades experience the trials of daily life together. On a day that seems like any other, you are faced with a variety of scenarios to share with your loved one, allowing for the opportunity to witness different sides of his personality you've never seen before.

Winter Snowflakes

You are given the chance to experience an alternative scenario with Tomonori Kotokura or Aterui other than the one depicted in Scarlet Fate. In both of their stories, they fight to save you from your fate while attempting to overcome their own adverse circumstances.


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Shiki   Gentoka   Kuso-no-mikoto   Kodonomae   Akifusa Oki   Furutsugu Akishino

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Scarlet Fate II (2)

Main Characters


Also known as Princess Tamayori, she is the heroine whose role you play. She is a shrine maiden and her primary duty as a descendant of the Ugaya family is to protect the Sword, whose ability to inflict destruction upon the world was sealed away long ago.


Gentoka is a god who is rumored to have the power to grant immortality. He is indebted to you for saving his life after being severely weakened by people who sought to take advantage of his abilities for themselves.


He is a god with a narcissistic personality and often employs sarcasm. He is also your fiancé. Despite his boastful nature, Kuso is very intelligent and is capable of maintaining his composure in any situation. He has a prestigious reputation and places his clan's honor above all. His brother is Kazanami-no-mikoto.


He is a god who has accumulated a large amount of experience in war. As a result, he is extremely skilled and merciless on the battlefield. Kodnomae is typically regarded as reckless and vulgar, but can occasionally be kind and thoughtful.

Akifusa Oki

Akifusa is one of your personal attendants and an officer in command of a company of soldiers stationed at Kifu Village. He is dedicated to his role as a soldier and strives to build his strength so he can protect you.

Furutsugu Akishino

He is the chief of security and an exorcist. He often utilizes his suave personality and good looks to manipulate others, particularly women, in order to gain information from them. His foster father is Yoshikage Akishino.

Tomonori Kotokura

He is one of Akifusa's closest friends and your personal attendant. His primary duty is to help manage governmental affairs in Kifu Village. In general, he is calm and not as emotional as Akifusa.


Referred to as Akuro in Scarlet Fate, Aterui is a mysterious man with an unusual appearance. He has long black nails, is covered in scars, and possesses an eerie stare. In the past, he was friends with Gentoka and together they confronted the Imperial Court. He continues to slay nobles and is determined to earn his revenge. You first encounter him in the capital, Heian-kyo.



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