Saori Shishido is the playable character in Ninja Shadow. Her name can be changed by the player. She is the younger twin sister of Kaname Shishido.


Saori was raised in a small village hidden in the mountains. Here she and her brother were trained as ninjas following the death of their parents. After a number of disasters Kaname becomes chief, and together they resolve to restore their village. Before the events of the game she had never taken a life, her brother undertaking those types of jobs. Saori focused on disguise and infiltration. Despite this, she is proficient with her chain and sickle, which become her weapons in vigilante missions.


Saori bares a strong resemblance to her twin brother, Kaname. She has golden-blonde hair, which originally was long and held in an up-do by a hair pin. After assuming her brothers identity she cuts her hair to shoulder length. She has large round purple eyes. Even when dressed as her brother characters comment on her cute, feminine appearance, much to her panic and embarrassment.


Saori is a kind hearted woman who cares dearly about her brother and her village. She quickly falls in love with Nagasaki and desires to make it a better place. When characters comment on her feminine appearance when she is dressed as her brother she has a tendency to panic, fearing her secret will be revealed. Over the cause of the different routes she falls in love with the male character, often seeming unsure and hesitant about her own feelings.


Saori, along with her brother Kaname, are heading to Nagasaki from their remote village. Kaname is to join the Nagasaki Vigilante in return for support for their village which has fallen on hard times. Along the way the two come upon a village that has been set on fire. Kaname rushes in to save the villagers from the flames but becomes trapped and dies. Saori is grief stricken, but knowing that her village needs help, she assumes her brother identity and joins the Nagasaki Vigilante in his place.

Saori, disguised as her brother, is introduced to the member of the Nagasaki Vigilante. At this point the player can choose which character they would like to date. In most routes the character chosen becomes Saori's mentor. Each route has a different plot.