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Ran is a ninja and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja 2+.



Ran has two eye colors: a yellow right eye and a green left eye, which he inherited from his ancestor Mizuki, one of the founders of the Winter Village. Ran's hair is pure white, which differs from the slight silver hair color of his proclaimed younger brother, Fuyukiku.

His typical outfit consists of a light grey sleeveless ninja suit layered underneath a white and red covering which features the design of the Winter Village symbol on the front and red tassels on the bottom. He sometimes wears a long, robe-like piece of clothing made of a patterned, creamy ivory fabric with long sleeves over this outfit.

Ran is occasionally seen wearing a hannya mask tied and tilted on the right side of his head. In traditional Japanese theater, the mask may appear to be either demonic and angry or sorrowful and tomented, depending on the angle at which it is viewed. He wears this mask because he is referred to as the Demon Child by the villagers of the Winter Village. When engaging in battle, Ran wears his hannya mask, long sharp ninja claws, and a different color sash.

His casual clothing is more suited for colder weather such as the snowy climate of the Winter Village. It includes a short scarf and a long-sleeved garment with a long, wide patterned sash running across it.


Ran character description (1)

Ran's character description

Ran is usually energetic, outgoing, and encouraging, although he may become more solemn when talking about subjects related to his eye color and the succession of the Winter Village chieftain. He often conceals his internal suffering with a wide grin and a carefree attitude. Because he is surrounded by judgement and constantly shunned, he has a low self-esteem and is moved when he receives compliments and is shown compassion. Social alienation and the separation from the rest of Yamamoto Island due to the Winter Village's location in the isolated countryside have led Ran to yearn for both mental and physical freedom.

Ran is passionate about the things and people that are important to him. He is quickly angered when someone speaks badly of them and becomes easily excited when something catches his interest. He is not afraid to show affection toward those he loves. Ran's strong emotional responses can lead to reckless behavior and impulsive actions, but he is also capable of maintaining a more mature demeanor when it is appropriate.

He admires and respects Fuyukiku for his accomplishments, but is secretly envious of the honorable reputation that Fuyukiku possesses and he has never had. Being compared to his brother and being deemed inferior fostered Ran's competitive nature. He finds great excitement in sparring with his opponents.


Ran was raised alongside Fuyukiku in the Winter Village and lives in the Winter Village chieftain's mansion, the largest inn in the village[2]. His father is the current Winter Village chieftain.

Ran inherited his rare dual eye color from his ancestor Mizuki, a ninja from the Water Village and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja, and is alienated by the villagers because of it. In the Winter Village, it is rumored that an individual born with different colored eyes is a "devil child" and will bring calamity to the village. Consequently, he is not considered a potential candidate for becoming the next Winter Village chieftain, despite the fact that he is older than Fuyukiku and the only true descendant of Mizuki. Ran is rarely allowed to go outside the village due to the villagers' fear of what trouble he might bring along with him if he does so. In order to protect the honor and reputation of the Winter Village chieftain legacy, Fuyukiku is presented as Ran's brother even though he is not biologically related to Ran and his ancestor is actually Hyosuke, another one of the Winter Village's founders. Ran and his father do not communicate often, as his father is more concerned with preparing Fuyukiku to carry out his duties and maintain a respectable image as the future Winter Village chieftain.


  • "Love gives people strength."[3]


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