Chapter Episode Details
1 4 Gotta cheer him up! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
This just got awkward... (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
9 Love Challenge: Ribbon Brooch (1,000 Gold or 100 Coins)
10 Something dainty (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Something bulky (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
2 2 Special Scenario

Premium: Wings Made from Bone (300 Coins)

Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 1
Normal: Glass Bell (2,000 Gold or 150 Coins)
5 No. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
Of course. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
9 Have more confidence. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
That's an awful way to think! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
3 6 Let's see... (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
You can have first dibs. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
7 Love Challenge: 1,000 Princess Point
10 That's not so! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
It's not a waste. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
4 1 Did you make eye contact? (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Do you think he sees you? (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
5 His wrist. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
His hair. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
6 Special Scenario

Premium: Moondrop Bracelet (400 Coins)

Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 2
Normal: Lovely Hand Mirror (3,000 Gold or 200 Coins)
5 5 Climb it. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
Bow out. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
10 Hug him. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Snap at him. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
6 5 Agree (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Refuse (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
7 Love Challenge: 4,000 Princess Point
9 Get CG
Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 3
10 Get a blanket. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Stop singing. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
7 5 Hug Him. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Call out to him. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)</spanv>
10 Never! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
But... (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
8 8 Everyone's rejoicing. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
What a commotion... (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
10 Special Scenario

Premium: Exotic Dress (500 Coins)

Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 4
Normal: Sedate Dress (4,000 Gold or 250 Coins)
11 Ostensibly. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
Of course you are. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
9 7 You're certain? (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
But... (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
10 It's not that I'm flustered... (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
I'll tell you, just wait. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
10 5 That might be difficult. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
A capital idea. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
7 Love Challenge: 10,000 Princess Point
10 Thank you. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Wait... (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
11 4 This isn't your doing! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Let's talk about something else! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
7 Encourage him. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Say nothing. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
12 4 I suppose. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
That was all you. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
8 Just find a way out! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
It's not your fault, Nick! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
13 3 Of course. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
We've got no other leads. (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
8 What do you care!? (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
I'm all right, don't worry. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
9 Special Scenario

Premium: Helheim Nick Doll (700 Coins)

Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 5
Normal: [Garden] Black and White Throne Room (5,000 Gold or 300 Coins)
14 2 Let me go! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
Let Nick go! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
8 Be careful, Nick! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
You can do it, Your Majesty! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
15 4 We have to get out of here! (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
We have to save Nick! (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
6 Love Challenge: [Garden] Helheim Castle (9,000 Gold or 500 Coins)
9 We'll never meet again, will we? (+2 Intimacy, +5 Trust)
I miss you. (+5 Intimacy, +2 Trust)
Dark Ending ---
Romantic Ending Get CG
Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 6
Mystical Ending Get CG (x2)
CG 1
Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 7
CG 2
Pale Ghost (Nick) Main Story CG 8


Chapter 1

While taking a break from bridal training with Skeletiano and Orlando, you spot an eerie, transparent figure of a hooded man in the courtyard. To confirm your suspicions, you ask Skeletiano and Orlando to identify it, but it seems as though they cannot see it. You are sure of your senses, regardless of what the two men say, and walk over to the mysterious figure. As you approach it, you realize that it is indeed a man. You attempt to communicate with him, but he appears to be mumbling to himself and does not realize that you are trying to talk to him. After failing to capture his attention, you try to touch him but your hand passes through his body. The man leaves, muttering that no one can see him. You follow him to the castle and see that he is in anguish because no one has acknowledged his existence. With the intention of cheering him up, you offer some cookies to him, but again, he starts to sorrowfully walk away. Impatience compels you to force a cookie into his mouth and to both of your surprise, it goes in. At last, the man recognizes that you are trying to contact him and introduces himself as Nick. From a distance, you hear the sound of Orlando's voice calling you back to the castle. Before parting ways, Nick asks you to meet him again on Bone Mountain for a picnic. The following night, you join him on the top of the mountain. You tell him that you made scones just for him, but he is hesitant to accept your kind gesture because nobody has ever done such a thing for him. He feels awkward and unsure of how to react to the unfamiliar situation. Nick says that you're the first person in Niflheim to talk to him and is curious about what differentiates you from the everyone else he's tried to communicate with. You offer to provide food for him and tell him that it is your pleasure to do so. In gratitude, Nick takes your hand, making you wonder why he can touch you when you couldn't touch him before.

Chapter 2

Coming soon...

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