Release date 24 March 2016
Rated Teen (12+)

Oz+ is a social-based dating simulation game developed and published by NTT Solmare. The game was released on Apple and Android devices worldwide on 24 April 2016[1]


After the journey in the Land of Oz, the heroine had returned to her home in Kansas. Years had passed since then, and her 17th birthday was drawing closer. One evening, there was a knock at her door. She opened it and there stood three handsome strangers! ...Wait, they were actually her old mates from Oz; the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion! “Come on! Let’s celebrate your birthday in Oz!” So excited, she headed back to the Land of Oz.




  1. Shall we date? Facebook fanpage announces the release of Oz+

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