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Main character
Noritsune Taira
Noritsune Taira
Occupation Taira Clan General
Height 172.7cm/5'8"

Noritsune Taira is an antagonist and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja.


Noritsune was raised in the Taira Clan, which held great prestige during his childhood. The clan had arranged for Noritsune and the heroine to be married because it desired a share of the Imperial family's power. As Noritsune's coming of age day arrived, the Taira Clan lost its power and the heroine's family requested that the engagement be canceled. He and the heroine, however, were deeply in love with each other and determined to stay together, but the heroine's parents still disapproved. The heroine suggested that if Noritsune obtains the Three Sacred Treasures, the Taira Clan will regain its power and the families will support their marriage again.


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  • "You were my first love, and I decided then that we would be together forever."[1]
  • "I will become your family, and stay with you always."[2]
  • "As long as I'm with you, anywhere is Heaven."


  • Noritsune was introduced as a potential romance option on 18 March 2014.[3]
  • Noritsune is the only romance option in Destiny Ninja without an animal partner.


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