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Main article: Saizo Kirigakure
Chapter Choice Details
1 1 Observe first.
Help out
Look towards Saizo
2 Push him away
Turn away
Let things go on
2 1 Run away
Just stay put
Prepare yourself
2 Yeah, but...
Got it
Even so, no way!
3 1 I understand
It should be safe?
I wish to be alone in the room
2 Strike him away
Even if you say that...
Hug him too
4 1 Actually... that's true
Don't worry!
What do you think Sasuke?
2 Put on a brave front
Give a pitiful sigh
Get angry
5 1 It's impossible
We're not done yet...!
2 Sorry...
I don't want you to get injured!
No biggie!
6 1 I will get Saizo!
I'll fight too!
But... ...
2 Hold his hand
Stare at him
Hug him
7 1 Are you okay?
I think that's great
... ... ...
2 Maybe...
Nobody will die
Don't worry
8 1 Good luck
Don't worry about me
2 It's not over yet
It's everyone's combined effort
9 1 Take his hand.
Cheer him up.
Hug him
2 No I'm not...
I dunno...
Definitely not!
10 1 You can't!
Can't be helped.
Are you okay with it?
2 Let's escape!
Are you okay!?
Run away!
11 1 Keep talking.
Look for something.
Hug him.
2 Stop!
Me first!
Glare at him.
12 1 Say yes.
Deny it.
Vague answer
2 No!
If you ask me to.
13 1 I will stay!
What about you?
2 Jump out!
Throw a knife.
14 (Happy end)

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