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Sweetened milk always puts you in a good mood, doesn't it? My little Shirley...

Mycroft Holmes is Sherlock's older brother who works for the British government and a supporting character in Guard Me, Sherlock!. He's based on the Mycroft Holmes from Arthur Conan Doyle's series.


Little is known about Mycroft other than he's Sherlock's older brother and often scared and pulled pranks on him when they were children. It's implied that he may be seven years older than his brother like in the original canon for he often stated that whenever he went out on a date, Sherlock would cry for him not to go.


Mycroft has brown hair and brown eyes and wears a well-tailored suit. He works for British Government, but he's described that he is the British Government. Like his original counterpart, he's intelligent and observant (if not more so) than his younger brother but unwillingly to physically put effort in his intelligence.

He's often aloof and cool, but his most noticeable trait is that he's very manipulative toward Sherlock. He likes to sadistically tease Sherlock by relating embarrassing stories about him from their childhood, and often treat him as a child; an example was when he brought items to help Sherlock escape from prison, he hid them in childish items such as a rubber ducky, a body pillow, and a children's fairy tale book. However, despite his sadistic nature, he truly cares about his brother (though he will never admit it) and always asks for Sherlock's help whenever there's a national crisis.

As a child, he described himself equal to adults but played the role of the "perfect and obedient child" for that's what the adults wanted. He's stated that he enjoyed scaring Sherlock for he loved to see him crying to him, but he disliked it when others made him cry for that was his right.

Mycroft has an immense sweet-tooth for he'll often put five to seven sugar cubes in his coffee or tea, and can eat 23 eccles cakes at one setting. He easily gains weight because of this and can be a bit self-conscious when brought up, so he does try to diet whenever he feels that he's gained weight. He also considers himself a food connoisseur and loves to eat gourmet food as well as cook it, but as Sherlock and John have stated, he is a terrible cook. He's a lightweight when he drinks alcohol, so he doesn't drink it and often avoids it whenever he has to attend parties.


  • Mycroft's route was released on March 21, 2017.
  • He is significantly younger and thinner than the original version.
  • Mycroft's route was the second to introduce Jane's parents, but the first to have his parents introduced.

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