Liam is a magical tailor and potential romance option in War of Prayers.


Liam has medium-length, slightly wavy green hair with side-swept bangs and narrow, yellow eyes. He has fair skin and slightly muscular arms, although he is sometimes described as having delicate fingers. He is always wearing gloves and carries an ornate golden sewing spindle strapped to his upper left leg.

Tailor Outfit

Liam screenshot (1)

Wielding twin needles in his tailor outfit.

Liam is most often seen in his tailor outfit, which consists of an off-white shirt, a loosely tied neck ribbon under his collar, a purple and gold vest, and black pinstriped pants. He wears this set of clothing for most of the day when he is in town working for the clothier or running errands. When engaging in battle, he wields two large twin needles.

Casual Attire

Liam screenshot (2)

In casual attire, wearing a conflicted expression.

In other instances, Liam wears a faded dark blue v-neck sweater and plain black pants. He usually changes into more comfortable casual attire after his working hours and is not shown wearing them outside of his own home.


Upon first encountering Liam, he comes across as distant and burdened by his past. He is generally composed and a good liar, as he hides internal pain and sorrow with a smile. As a result, he doesn't express himself easily and may open himself to others in more indirect ways such as written notes or games. It is difficult for him to rely on and trust others, because he believes that promises are simply empty words without meaning.

Although he is alone and may sometimes shut others out, he genuinely likes people and finds joy in making them happy. He occasionally makes animated stuffed animals and puts on puppet shows for children who adore him for doing so. He is thoughtful and considerate of how his actions might impact others. As much as he may enjoy people's company, he will distance himself with caution to avoid hurting them. Liam takes careful measures to protect the emotional and physical well-beings of those he cares about.

Liam character description (1)

Liam's personality described by other characters

Liam is also intelligent and clever, as he is a fast learner and can quickly assess any given situation. He also has a strong work ethic and often stays up late fulfilling his clients' tailoring requests. Even though he is talented in many aspects, Liam is more aware of his shortcomings than his strengths and will sometimes describe himself as "just a tailor."

When playing his route, however, he experiences a change of heart with regards to believing in others and allowing himself to be more vulnerable as you spend more time and develop a stronger relationship with him.


Liam was raised by his father, a Sanctus priest, and mother, a beautiful woman from the country once known as Nox. While his father was busy with his duties as a priest, Liam formed a close bond with his mother. In order to help her with work, he learned how to master sewing and vowed to become a tailor that could make people smile.

He also had an older sister named Anabel, who at one point was his only remaining family. She was chosen by Troy to become the Prayer Maiden of Nox and fell in love with her Knight, Christopher, causing her crystal to shatter and thus her death. Consequently, Liam developed hatred for the prayer maiden system and came to oppose Christopher, believing that it was his duty as a Knight to protect Anabel by refusing her affection. Eventually, Liam left his home alone to seek out an organization in the country of Sanctus called Rebellion, which sought to overthrow the prayer maiden system, because he didn't want to live in a world that depended on the sacrifice of prayer maidens to maintain peace.

Liam currently lives by himself in Sanctus, works long hours as a tailor with Enos, and is employed by Troy to not only repair prayer maiden outfits, but to search for traitors who oppose the temple as well. Ironically, he continues to simultaneously work for Rebellion in secret. As his story progresses, he will eventually shift his perspective and believe that prayer maidens play important roles in giving people hope for a better future.


Liam inherited his magic abilities from his father and although he is not a Knight, he is capable of destroying Shadows with his twin needles. Although his needles are used as weapons in battle, they are also used to summon fairies at night, who are attracted to the light they create. In addition, Liam can give temporary life to inanimate stuffed animals, allowing them to move on their own will and entertain children. By merely touching a piece of cloth, Liam can make words appear on it. The tiny variations in the letters convey his feelings as they appear on the cloth. He also has a knack for creating well-made clothing with his magical tailoring.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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  • (How ironic, that the one smile I could look upon forever, is one that I'll personally ruin.)
  • "Things like you can trust me. I'll stay with you. This world is full of empty promises that never get kept."


  • Liam's favorite dish is pot-au-feu, a French beef stew.
  • Liam is the designer of the Prayer Maiden outfits.
  • Liam is the only potential romance option in War of Prayers that is not a true Knight.