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Leon is a potential romance option from Wizardess Heart+.


As a unicorn, Leon lacks human emotions and must learn to have those feelings by experiencing them with another person. After becoming a human, he chose to forget the memories of his life as a unicorn[1] and has yet to develop a more complex personality. Leon is curious about humans, but clueless when it comes to behaving like one. He has a tendency to follow typical unicorn behavior such as avoiding people, spending time alone in the forest, or bathing in a lake.

As his route in Wizardess Heart+ progresses, Leon learns more about what it means to be human by gaining emotions during his friendship with Liz Hart. He eventually develops a strong sense of loyalty toward Liz as well as sensitivity toward others' feelings.


Leon is a unicorn who became a human with the power of a fairy flower. His original home was the Spring of Unicorns, an isolated area where unicorns are rumored to live in Gedonelune. In the Spring of Unicorns, he encountered and befriended a kindhearted human boy, which initiated his interest toward humans. When the boy stopped meeting him, Leon yearned to become a human and left the spring. He was told about the wish-granting power of a fairy flower and went to the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy to steal the key to the World of Fairies.[2] Leon then stole Eress' fairy flower from the Fairies' Garden[3] and transformed into a human. Since unicorns lack emotions, he began his life as a human without any of them.


Leon has the Element of Light running throughout his being due to him being unicorn. It is resistant to dark magic and can be used to protect others. In his human form, he is able to wield incredibly powerful magic which surpasses that of many talented wizards and prodigies who have attended Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. He has the ability to cast multiple spells simultaneously and uses little effort to do so.


  • Leon was introduced as a potential romance option on 10 June 2016.[4]
  • The emotions Leon gains are manifested into spheres of light, each one emitting a different color of the rainbow.
  • The bottom of Leon's wand has the shape of the head of a unicorn.
  • Leon is so far the only dateable character in Wizardness Heart+ that doesn't have a last name.


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