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Leo is the King of Muspelheim and a potential romance option in The Niflheim+.


Leo character description (1)

Leo's character description

Leo was born and raised in a village located in a region with a frigid and snowy climate year-round. Following the death of his parents during his childhood, he formed a close bond with a red wolf, which was prized by hunters for its rare color of fur. At some point, Leo named the wolf Surt. The villagers accused Surt of being the cause of misfortune during a particularly harsh winter and planned to sacrifice him to the gods. Leo was shunned by the villagers for protecting Surt and fled the village to avoid both Surt and himself from being killed.[1] Eventually, Leo and Surt died from being exposed to the harsh elements of nature with wounds from the villagers and a lack of sufficient resources.

Leo and Surt were reborn in what is now known to be Muspelheim, or the Blazing Kingdom. It was an area with the warm temperatures that Leo had always dreamed of. Initially, Leo and Surt were the only ones to exist in Muspelheim, but as more residents appeared, it developed into a full kingdom and Leo became its king.


  • Leo was introduced as a potential romance option on 17 December 2015.[2]
  • According to J.J., Leo and Surt have existed in Muspelheim for over 1,000 years.[3]


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