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Kyokatei is a fictional location in Ninja Assassin+. It is located in the South Ward and managed by Kinshiro Toyama. In the public eye, it appears to be and operates as a tea house business. Secretly, it is primarily used as the headquarters for the vigilantes where they meet and strategize for their missions.

Key Locations


  • Kyokatei exterior during the day
  • Kyokatei exterior in the afternoon
  • Kyokatei exterior at night
Kyokatei is a two-story building with an architectural style that combines both traditional and modern Japanese elements. From the outside, it is vibrant and colorful. There are many paper lanterns hanging on the outside that are lit at night.


  • Kyokatei interior during the day
  • Kyokatei interior in the afternoon
  • Kyokatei interior at night
  • Hallway
The interior of Kyokatei is organized into different sections by shoji screens that function as sliding doors and room dividers. Most of the flooring consists of tatami mats. It is furnished by wooden tables of various sizes and small paper lanterns. As it is a tea house, Kyokatei contains several rooms for customers to host gatherings or hold meetings while they enjoy their tea. There are also some rooms reserved for residential living. The main entrance inside the building is where the vigilantes usually assemble.

Soji's Room

  • Soji's Room during the day
  • Soji's room at night
Soji's room is one of the few residential rooms in Kyokatei. It is connected to Yui Takao's room (depending on the route), and separated from it by a sliding shoji screen. It is here that Soji Sasaki normally carries out his daily rituals such as sleeping, eating, and getting dressed.


  • Soji Sasaki
  • Yui Takao (depending on route)

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