Kaname Shishido is a supporting character from Ninja Shadow. He is the twin brother of Saori Shishido, the playable character in Ninja Shadow. Upon his death his sister adopts his identity. He was the chief of his village before his death. His name can be changed by the player.


Kaname was trained as a ninja in his village located in the mountains. Before the events of the game, Kaname's village is hit with waves of disaster including famine and fire. He becomes the chief of his village shortly after this. He and his sister work hard to restore their village but struggle to do so. Kaname had journeyed to Nagasaki to arrange aid for his village in return for his service in the Nagasaki Vigilante.


Kaname and Saori have very similar appearances, so similar that Saori successfully adopts her brothers identity. He has golden-blond, shoulder length hair. He has large, round purple eyes, and fair skin. He stands taller than his sister.


Kaname is described by Saori as being "very good-natured" and earnest. He appears to be a self sacrificing individual. He is willing to leave his home to work as a vigilante in a different city in return for aid for his village. He also gives his life attempting to save strangers from a burning village. Kaname has a strong sense of justice and is willing to put himself at risk to do what he deems to be the right thing.


On route to Nagasaki, with Saori to join the vigilante, Kaname is killed by saving a village from a fire. Saori disguises herself as her brother and takes his place among the vigilante. Kaname's death continues to haunt Saori after she arrives in Nagasaki, and is a strong motivation on most character routes.