Kagura once belonged to a group of assassins that were ordered to attack a ninja village. Things went wrong, many of Kagura's fellow ninja were killed by Wakasa, who coincidentally was the only survivor from the village. Kagura was found by Makoto Nakagawa and Shintaro collapsed on the ground. These events caused Kagura's personality to split, creating Homura, the embodiment of Kagura's negative emotions. Makoto and Shintaro took Kagura back to Nagasaki where he became a worker at the Meiko Salon and a member of the Nagasaki Vigilante.


Kagura has blue hair past his shoulders, he keeps a strand of it tied with a bead. He has heterochromia eyes, one green and the other red. He keeps his red eye covered with an eyepatch, as when this eye is exposed his counter pesonality, Homura, appears.


Kagura is a shy, kind individual. He works hard at the Meiko Salon and cares deeply for Saori Shishido and Makoto. He talks in a gently manner, but often hesitates with his words and is often unsure of himself.

Homura is the opposite, he is a forward speaking, aggressive individual. His purpose is to protect Kagura from the harsh aspects of life, and until Saori arrives, Kagura is the only one he cares about. Homura is the one who takes charge during assassination missions, and is a cunning and merciless fighter.


When Saori picks Kagura as her mentor Kagura is hesitant to accept. The other members of the vigilante also seem rather worried about this choice, but do not vocalize their concerns.


Kagura is the most popular character since his route debut.