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Secondary character
Race Demon

Jinosuke is a demon mononoke (物の怪) and an antagonist in Mononoke Kiss+ and Mononoke Kiss.

Jinosuke is possessive and easily angered. He has little consideration for others' feelings and is persistent in pursuing his own desires. His pride is justified by his strong abilities and powers as a demon. He is frequently condescending to those he considers beneath his level.

He was betrothed to your mother, Lady Yuri, because of his impressive demon powers with the intention to maintain the prestigious bloodline of the two demon clans. After Lady Yuri's death during childbirth, he becomes determined to make you his wife because of your resemblance to her in terms of personality and appearance. The death of Lady Yuri also further developed Jinosuke's hatred for humans, as he blamed your father, a human, for her death and murdered him as a result.

Jinosuke is frequently accompanied by Yuki, another demon who has an unrequited love for him.


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