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Chapter Episode Details
1 8 "Please don't be upset."
"I didn't want you to worry." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (1)
11 "I promise." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"I'll try."
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Ichika - Letter (1)
2 2 "That's impossible."
"That would be nice, but..." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
9 "I'm fine." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"He grabbed my hand."
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Ichika - Letter (2)
3 3 Stylish Level Checkpoint
5 "Ichika, that wasn't called for." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"What's wrong Ichika?"
9 "Forget it." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"All right."
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Ichika - Letter (3)
4 3 Ichika (Intimacy went up a lot!)
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (2)
10 "It's not too much?"
"No, I love it." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
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Ichika - Letter (4)
5 3 Item Checkpoint: Purse x5
3 Stop him (Intimacy went up a lot!)
Wait and see what happens.
4 "Nonsense." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"Snap out of it!"
Get Letter (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Letter (5)
6 3 Minigame Checkpoint: 33% success rate
4 "Yes!" (Intimacy went up a lot!)
8 "Yes, I like him." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"I suppose."
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (3)
Get Letter (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Letter (6)
7 2 "Me too." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
3 Item Checkpoint: Purse x3
8 Pull my hand away
Continue to hold hands (Intimacy went up a lot!)
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Ichika - Letter (7)
8 3 Stylish Level Checkpoint
3 "I understand." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"Hang in there."
8 "Don't beat yourself up."
"Thank you." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
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Ichika - Letter (8)
9 2 "Not at all."
"How did you know?" (Intimacy went up a lot!)
3 Minigame Checkpoint: 11% success rate
8 Hairpins. (Intimacy went up a lot!)
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Ichika - Letter (9)
10 1
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (4)
3 Item Checkpoint: Purse x12
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (5)
4 "You're just as cool, Ichika." (Intimacy went up a lot!)
7 "That's enough!" (Intimacy went up a lot!)
"Don't give up!"
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (6)
Get Letter (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Letter (10)


--- Default ending


3 Item Checkpoint: Purse x6
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (7)


5 Item Checkpoint: Purse x8
Special Scenario (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Main Story (8)
Get Letter (Show/Hide)
Ichika - Letter (13)


Chapter 1

After being brought back to Kyokatei, Soji Sasaki offers to look after you. The rest of the vigilantes- Kinshiro Toyama, Sion Iseya, and Aoi- introduce themselves. It surprises you to discover that the men, who have respectable day jobs, are involved in vigilante activity. Kinshiro asks if you have somewhere or someone to return to. The first person who comes to mind is Ichika, your childhood best friend, but your fear of being a burden to him keeps you quiet. Kinshiro then offers you to stay at Kyokatei and although you are ecstatic, Soji doesn't approve of the decision. He warns that Kyokatei's location in the red-light district is too dangerous for an innocent girl like you. Aoi and Sion accuse Soji of lacking compassion and eventually, Soji allows you to stay. Your willingness to do anything, including murder, to avenge your parents' death convinces Kinshiro to let you become a member of the vigilantes. Several days pass and one day, Kinshiro gives you a letter to deliver to Master Iseya, Sion's father. In town, Soji spots and greets you. Ichika who is also nearby, inquires about your relationship to Soji and your sudden absence. You reveal the details of the murder of your parents and explain why you now live at Kyokatei with Soji. Ichika insists that you stay with his family instead, but Soji stops him and says that he isn't considering how you would feel. Living among his family could evoke memories of your parents and grief. Ichika makes you promise to come to him in you're ever in trouble. As he and Soji leave, you realize that Ichika is no longer the child you grew up with, but a man.

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