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Main character
Occupation Wizard

Humphrey is a wizard and potential romance option in Blood in Roses+.


Humphrey is outgoing, suave, and confident in his ability to persuade others. He finds amusement in observing the interactions between people, whether he initiates them himself or they occur without his intervention. His spontaneity sometimes conflicts with Raymond's serious personality, resulting in him being scolded occasionally.


Humphrey knew Raymond, Harold, and Tatiana at least 500 years ago and is aware of what happened to them in the past. He is a skilled wizard that has the ability to cast spells and perform magic such as experiencing an event from the past. He creates and sells the bottles of False Mist that Jack and Daniel use to disguise themselves as vampires.



  • Humphrey was introduced as a potential romance option on 30 March 2016.[1]


  1. Shall we date? Facebook fanpage announces Humphrey's arrival

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