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Main character
Race Demon
Height 189.0cm/6.2'
I'll protect you for the rest of my life.

Hikobane is a mononoke (物の怪) and potential romance option in Mononoke Kiss+.

Hikobane is loyal, committed to ensuring your safety, and willing to sacrifice his own well-being for yours. He often wears an apathetic expression and acts in a serious manner, making it difficult to interpret his emotions. In contrast, he can be visibly overprotective when your safety is threatened. Hikobane's reserved nature has prevented him from gaining experience with women. Consequently, he is easily flustered and slightly awkward when he is around you.

In his demon crow form, Hikobane has large black wings that allow him to fly and have the strength to carry others while doing so. He can occasionally be seen wearing a removable, beak-like mask.

He is attracted to shiny objects, a behavior characteristic of the typical crow. In addition, Hikobane possesses a vast array of agricultural knowledge and has the ability to grow crops in seemingly adverse conditions.

After Lady Yuri, your mother, died, he and Ryuzaburo joined together and swore to protect you at all costs.


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  • "I don't care how much I get hurt. I don't care if I break into a million pieces. Being with you and keeping you safe is my whole reason for living." (Main Story, Chapter 9 Episode 5)
  • "There is no one but you whom I could ever imagine spending my life with. I will protect you no matter what the cost." (Main Story, Chapter 11 Episode 2)

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