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Hattori Ayu is a ninja and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja 2+.


Ayu's full name is Hanzo Hattori Ayu, in honor of his distant ancestor Hanzo Hattori. He is referred to as "Hanzo Hattori" by most of his relatives and family servants. Despite the glory that comes along with his ancestor's name, Ayu has grown to dislike being associated with it because he wishes to earn his honor with his own effort rather than have it be handed to him. Ayu is a descendant of Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa, a ninja from the Wind Village in Destiny Ninja, and was raised in the Spring Village along with Yayoi. During his childhood, he took interest in Yayoi's love for reading and was often given books from him. After Ayu's mother died of an illness, he was loaned even more books. For a period of time, he isolated himself and spent his time in his room reading, only leaving to perform his mandatory duties. Since then, he has accumulated a vast collection of books in his room.


  • (To Ayame) "You're the one that reminded me that life is important. We can't just throw it away. That's why... I'm going to make sure and protect yours."[1]
  • (To Ayame) "You shouldn't have to die simply because fate says so."[2]
  • "Rindoh once told me that...girls get more beautiful when they fall in love with someone."[3]


  • Ayu was introduced as a potential romance option on April 6, 2016.[4]


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