Haru works at a tea house in Nagasaki that the other characters from Ninja Shadow frequently visit. She befriends Saori Shishido sometimes noticing Saori is actually a girl. Apart from Saori, Haru is the only reoccurring female character.


Haru is a pretty woman, with long, dark purple hair that she wears in a plait over her right shoulder. This is decorated with a bow and red flower clips. Haru has bright red eyes and fair skin. Characters remark on her beauty, and seems to be quite popular among the men. Haru wears a grey-purple stripped kimono with an apron.


Haru is kind and energetic, always greeting her customers with enthusiasm. She is quick to apologise when she makes a mistake. She is noted for having good instincts.


Haru works at a tea house in Nagasaki where the other characters often visit. She befriends quickly befriends Saori, often noticing that Soari is female, despite being dressed as her brother. Her role varies on the different routes.