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Main character
Race Spirit
Height 189cm/6.2ft

Hajime is a mononoke (物の怪) and potential romance option in Mononoke Kiss+ and Mononoke Kiss.

Hajime's deceptive nature makes it difficult to determine how he truly feels and when to take him seriously. Hajime avoids revealing his feelings by being ambiguous, dodging questions, and changing the topic of discussion. He hides his emotions by appearing to be carefree and teasing others with the intention of creating distance between himself and those who care about him.

Hajime was raised by a clan of spirits that held honor and respect for the clan above all. His curiosity and desire for freedom were frowned upon and considered troublesome by others in the clan. He would escape the ridicule by visiting the human village, where he met Suzu, a human female and his first love. The clan, however, killed Suzu after discovering how close Hajime was with her in order to uphold the purity and prestige of the clan. After being separated from Suzu, Hajime developed a fear of growing too attached to and hurting people he could potentially lose again. Eventually he left the clan and agreed to support Ryuzaburo and Hikobane in their efforts to protect you.

As a spirit, he has lived through many generations, but in his human form, he appears to be about 20 years old. He has the ability to hear what others are thinking, manipulate earth, and control wind.


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