Chapter 1

Chapter 2

2-7 Choice

  • I'm not giving up! (Close!)
  • It's hard... (Brilliant!)
  • I can't take it anymore!

2-9 Get Love Letter

Chapter 3

3-3 Choice

  • We have to stop this!
  • Unforgivable. But... (Brilliant!)
  • What should we do...

3-9 Choice

  • I don't like you!
  • Well, how about you? (Brilliant!)
  • Th- That's...! Panicking

3-10 Get Love Letter

Chapter 4

4-3 Choice

  • I don't wanna run!
  • I know that.
  • Aren't you gonna protect me? (Brilliant!)

4-9 Get CG

4-9 Choice

  • I was so glad...
  • I'm sorry... (Brilliant!)
  • Are you fine?!

4-10 Get Love Letter

Chapter 5

5-2 Choice

  • Really?!
  • Wait a minute!
  • Can you do that? (Brilliant!)

5-7 Items Checkpoint: Passport x2

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