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Fuyukiku is a ninja and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja 2+.


Fuyukiku is the descendant of Hyosuke, a ninja from the Water Village and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja.

Shortly after their births, Fuyukiku and Ran were taken to the Eight-Forked Serpent, a god of water and the guardian deity of the Winter Village. Because Ran had not yet developed control over his powers, his fear of the serpent triggered an attack that was unintentionally directed at Fuyukiku. The Eight-Forked Serpent, who was fond of Hyosuke, protected Fuyukiku with its tail and has granted him its divine protection ever since. Because the serpent favored Fuyukiku, the villagers of the Winter Village began referring to him as the god child[1] and thus, the more appropriate candidate for the next Winter Village Chieftain over Ran, who was deemed the devil child. However, since only descendants of Mizuki are eligible for becoming future Winter Village chieftains, it was determined that he would be brought up in the Winter Village Chieftain's residence, treated as a descendant of Mizuki's, and portrayed as Ran's twin brother despite the lack of their blood relation in order to appease the villagers' wishes.


Fuyukiku character description

Fuyukiku's character description


Fuyukiku has jade green eyes and medium-length hair. It is mentioned that his hair color is slightly more silver when compared to his proclaimed brother Ran's hair, which is pure white. He sometimes wears a black fox mask tied on the left side of his head with a blue string. The fox mask is called the "god child's signature" since, according to legend, foxes are god's messengers.


In an attempt to live up to his reputation as the next Winter Village Chieftain, Fuyukiku is diligent, reliable, and respectful. He approaches his duties with logical reasoning and thus is capable of completing tasks with great efficiency. His levelheadedness and patience allow others to trust him to mediate situations of conflict, especially those that involve Ran's overreactions. Fuyukiku, in contrast, secretly struggles with his conflicting feelings toward Ran. He resents Ran for being able to be so carefree while he is constantly working, yet Fuyukiku is grateful for Ran because he has always accepted him for who he is as a person.


  • Fuyukiku was introduced as potential romance option on July 14, 2016.[2]


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