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Elias Goldstein is a wizard and a potential romance option in Wizardess Heart+.

Elias Goldstein was born on March 19th[1] in the Kingdom of Gedonelune to Walter Goldstein, a famous wizard known for his brilliant magical inventions, and his wife. His family, the Goldstein family, is well-known and respected in Gedonelune. Elias is the youngest of three children; his brother, Klaus, the Prefect at the academy, is the second eldest.

Elias is a very intelligent student with an outstanding academic record, although he is considered a little uptight. Like his brother, fellow students fear him because he is harsh on others.

Elias appears to have short golden blonde hair, violet eyes, and a warm ivory skin tone.


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  • When Elias was younger, Klaus was his tutor. When he struggled with learning to fly, Klaus took him to a mountain top and left him there, claiming it was special training. It took 2 days for him to return to his home. [2]
  • When Elias was 13 and prepared to enroll in the academy, Klaus gave him a set of clothes as a present. The set of clothes were a pair of kiddie pajamas with cute bear prints. [3]


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