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The Eight-Forked Serpent, alternatively known as Yamata no Orochi, or simply Orochi, is the guardian deity of the Winter Village and a secondary character in Destiny Ninja 2+.



Orochi, the Eight-Forked Serpent, has eight serpent-like bodies and heads, seven of which are almost identical. The body in the center, however, has red fins, whereas the other bodies have blue-violet fins.


In the past, Orochi was regarded as mischievous because he enjoyed playing pranks on people and carried out evil deeds. He was hated and spent a long period of time in solitude. When he encountered Hyosuke, who approached him with kindness, he became more compassionate toward humans. He is concerned for the wellbeing of those he cares about and appreciates company from Fuyukiku, Hyosuke's descendant. Since Fuyukiku continued to visit Orochi when the rest of the villagers were too fearful to do so, Orochi developed a close relationship with him as well as a desire to protect him. Orochi also carries the burden of a guilty conscience for his past wrongdoings. He feels that he has negatively impacted Fuyukiku's life and as compensation, gave Fuyukiku the ability to utilize some of his powers as a host.[1]


Orochi is a demon or evil god who controls water. He emerged long ago during the time of myths and legends. He was despised and feared by the people that surrounded him due to his malicious behavior and his tendency to play pranks.[2] After he was defeated by Princess Kushinada, the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven was found in his tail. Since Princess Kushinada was sacrificed to Orochi as a child, her descendants who wield the Sword are deprived of their life-force whenever the Sword's power of purification is used.[3]

Orochi fled and remained hidden in the Water Village until the Heian period. Once Orochi was rediscovered, he was a vengeful god and villagers frequently offered him sacrifices in hopes of appeasing his anger. Lady Ayame the First, Hyosuke, and Mizuki negotiated a contract with Orochi for the sake of the villagers. It was decided that he would be revered as the god of the Water Village and given fruit and grains after the birth of a child in exchange for his protection of the village.[2] He favored Hyosuke, who was friendly and compassionate towards him, over Mizuki, whose feelings were difficult to perceive.[4]

After the Winter Village was established by Hyosuke and Mizuki, Orochi continued to offer his protection while the villagers maintained the tradition of reporting the births of their children to him. When Ran and Fuyukiku, the descendants of Mizuki and Hyosuke, respectively, were babies, they were presented to Orochi. Ran's fear of the serpent demon triggered his powers that he hadn't yet learned to control, but Orochi protected Fuyukiku from the attack with his tail because Fuyukiku is a part of Hyosuke's bloodline. When the incident reached the ears of the villagers, Fuyukiku was revered and given the the title of "god child."[5] Orochi uses Fuyukiku as a host through which he channels some of his power and shares a close bond with.

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  • Orochi's character is based on Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed and eight-tailed dragon from ancient Japanese mythology.


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