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Dominik is a wizard's apprentice and potential romance option in Blood in Roses+.


Dominik is a dhampir: the offspring of a vampire and a human. His human mother was forced by his vampire father to give birth to him. Dominik is also a distant descendant of Harold since his biological vampire father was a part of Harold's bloodline.[2] Shortly after his birth, he was abandoned by both of his parents in the forest. Werewolves found Dominik and raised him as if he were one of their own.[3] Since Dominik's foster father was a soldier, he followed in his footsteps and trained to become a soldier as well. His biological father's actions and his ties to the werewolves influenced his hatred toward vampires.

After the death of his foster parents, he was found by a talented wizard named Humphrey.[4] Dominik has been Humphrey's apprentice and faithfully accompanied him ever since. He refers to Humphrey as "Master." While he was still a child, Dominik met Mina Hambleton in the forest near her village while she was picking herbs and has remained a close friend to her. He was often helped by Mina to become a better wizard.

When some humans discovered that he was a dhampir, they viewed and treated Dominik as an impure, inferior being. In hopes of preventing such judgment in the future, he began wearing an eyepatch to make himself appear more humanlike.[5]

Since he lacks the talent required to become a first-class wizard, Dominik continued to work as a soldier so he could earn enough money to visit Mina again and propose to her. His close friend Cedric invited him to the Hotel Libra Sincera so he could rescue her from being held in captivity within the castle.[6]



Dominik has short hair that transitions in color from white to very dark gray. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, which is red: a different color than his right eye, in order to hide his identity as a dhampir. He is sometimes described as being unusually large in comparison to the expected size of a human. Aside from his eye color and body size, his body structure appears to match that of a normal human despite the fact that he is half-human and half-vampire.

Due to his occupation as a soldier, Dominik often wears protective armor on his right shoulder and both of his forearms.


As a dhampir, Dominik inherited special abilities that are formidable against those of a vampire. His blood has the power to kill vampires and his strength far surpasses an average human's.[7] Even though dhampir children are expected to have relatively short lifespans[5], Dominik has lived a fairly healthy life. Since he is Humphrey's apprentice, Dominik also has the ability to perform some magic, but it is often flawed.


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