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Chapter Choice Details
1 1 I have to call him back! (Prayer Maiden)
Stand there in shock.
I'm going to chase after him! (Alone Together)
2 I'm so happy I was able to transform! (Prayer Maiden)
The power of darkness? (Alone Together)
I won't worry about it now.
2 1 I promise I'll do my best! (Prayer Maiden)
Just accept it already! (Alone Together)
I can't think of anything to say.
2 Are you sure?
That's more like it! (Alone Together)
I have to do my best. (Prayer Maiden)
3 1 Keep asking questions (Prayer Maiden)
Talk about myself (Alone Together)
Be quiet.
2 I'm going to trust in the Crystal (Alone Together)
I just have to do it.
I have to trust in Christopher. (Prayer Maiden)
4 1 White.
Gray. (Prayer Maiden)
Chestnut. (Alone Together)
2 That's too far!
I won't make any more excuses. (Alone Together)
You're right. (Prayer Maiden)
5 1 (Choise doesn't matter)
6 1 I believe in Christopher. (Prayer Maiden)
I believe in my experience. (Alone Together)
I can't back down.
2 Having trouble sleeping? (Alone Together)
What's wrong?
Were you looking for me? (Prayer Maiden)
7 1 Yeah, that's not his style.
I wonder if Matthew watch over Melissa like that. (Alone Together)
Christopher is a good person. (Prayer Maiden)
2 Talk about Shadows. (Prayer Maiden)
Talk about Sapphirus. (Alone Together)
Talk to Sora.
8 1 Zoe is in danger. (Alone Together)
There's no other way.
Christopher will be with me. (Prayer Maiden)
2 Thanks to you, Christopher. (Prayer Maiden)
Zoe's in trouble. (Alone Together)
What are you doing in here?
9 1 (Choise doesn't matter)
10 1 Tell me why.
You're not going to protect me? (Alone Together Prayer Maiden)
Say something, Sora!
2 Talk to Sora.
Talk to Christopher. (Alone Together Prayer Maiden)
Talk to Simon.
11 1 It's because we're campanions. (Alone Together)
It's because he's accepted me. (Prayer Maiden)
I don't know.
2 You can't carry this burden by yourself. (Prayer Maiden)
Don't decide things by yourself. (Alone Together)
Apologize to Sophia.
12 1 You're too selfish.1
Honor your promises. (Alone Together)
Don't run off on your own.
2 I'm worried.
I have to protect him.
I'm his companion (Alone Together)
13 1
(Alone Together)
Why? (Prayer Maiden)
Go over to him. (Alone Together Prayer Maiden)
14 1
15 1
16 1
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