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Main character
Occupation Knight
Don't say my name like that. I won't be able to take my eyes off you.

Christopher is a knight and potential romance option in War of Prayers.

He is a mysterious black knight from the Desolate Country, previously known as the country of Nox. He has wandered in solitude for some time and appears to have a negative aura as well as a cold and distant personality. Due to an incident in the past, Christopher often puts up emotional barriers to prevent it from happening to himself or others again. When it comes to love, however, he may expose a more gentle and kind side of himself and reveal that he's actually easily embarrassed.

Christopher is a swordsman of extremely high caliber. He wields the powerful black sword and is intent on eliminating the Shadows with it. He opposes Matthew, a knight of Granatus and master of the white lance.


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