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Main character
Azusa Kuze
Azusa Kuze
Occupation Student
Hometown Hinomoto

Azusa Kuze is a foreign student and potential romance option in Wizardess Heart+.

Azusa Kuze was born and raised in Hinomoto, a country east of the kingdom of Gedonelune. His father was an Onmyoji, known as a court wizard in Gendolune, for the Imperial Court of Hinomoto. His mother was a housewife and took care of Azusa as well as his younger brother, Tsukasa.

When he was six years old, a civil war erupted in his country and his parents were killed due to a dispute over their land. Tsukasa was one year old when their parents died. He vowed to protect Tsukasa regardless of the costs thereafter and assumed the roles of father and mother in addition to being his elder brother. He took over his fathers position as Onmyoiji for a noble in the Imperial Court of Hinomoto.

Randy March met Azusa during his visit to Hinomoto. Azusa happened to overhear a conversation Randy and a noble were having regarding Gedonelune and the academy, and he requested to leave to Gedonelune with Randy. So a month prior to your arrival, Azusa left Hinomoto to attend Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.


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  • Azusa was introduced as a potential romance option on 12 September 2015.

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