Asagi was born to the head priest of the Himuro Shrine. His family had dealings with the Nakagawa family and has been friends with Makoto Nakagawa and Toru Nakagawa since he was young. When the Nagasaki Vigilante was created he was one of the original members. Asagi is the one who brings assassination requests to the vigilante that have been left at the Himuro Shrine.


Asagi has blue hair which is swept to the back with a few strands hanging in front of his face. He has narrow grey eyes and pale skin.


Asagi has a rather cool and serious personality. He can seem rather distant and condescending, especially towards Saori Shishido when she first joins the vigilante. At first he treats her with contempt and an inconvenience.


Asagi doesn't seem to thrilled at the prospect of being Saori's instructor and reluctantly accepts her after Makoto chastises him.