Anabel is a supporting character in War of Prayers and is the former Prayer Maiden of Nox.

She is a mysterious young woman who appears to the main character via dreams, encouraging her at the start of her journey to "save the world." Anabel's identity is shrouded in mystery and is closely tied to the plot of every story route.


Anabel's character is remembered by all as a kind and caring woman who put the lives of her people before her own, even going so far as to yell at a citizen of Nox who refused to evacuate, telling him that not surviving is "cowardly." She is a brave soul, a quality necessary to be chosen as a Prayer Maiden, and under her care, Nox was the most powerful and prosperous nation. She cared well for her little brother Liam and adjusted to communicating to him via notes so as to fit his busy lifestyle more.

After death, all that remains of her is the thoughtform of her negative emotions; however, a portion of her undying devotion to Christopher also remains, albeit covered and twisted by the Shadows. She is still seen to be a person with great hope for the world, as she places this trust in the main character.


Anabel is depicted as a beautiful young woman with fair skin, black floor-length hair, and dark brown eyes. She wears her hair up loosely, with bangs and fringe to frame her face.

She wears a floor-length white gown and a white, lace-trim veil decorated with white lilies, a flower associated with devotion and death. She has white arm-bands with black designs curling along it. She holds a purple anemone in her hands, which she also uses to wield pure magic at times.

Her laughter is described by the main character as a high-pitched bell- or chime-like peal.


Anabel was the Prayer Maiden of Nox. She was also Liam's sister. Christopher was her sworn Knight, and he remains as such until Anabel is purified and put to rest by the main character. She fell in love with her Knight, and her Crystal eventually Overloaded, destroying all of Nox. Even in death, she continues to love Christopher and Liam, protecting them via aiding the main character.

She is the one behind the attacking Shadows, and a portion of her mind survives after death as a thoughtform, a collection of negative emotional energy. Under her control, the Shadows attack and seek out Prayer Maidens, becoming increasingly powerful as they search for the main character. Her love for Christopher is twisted by the Shadows and used instead to target Prayer Maidens and citizens in the hopes of becoming stronger. Depending upon which story route the main character pursues, Anabel's involvement in the second-half of the game changes slightly.



Christopher was Anabel's Knight together in Nox. They fell in love, and Christopher feels partially responsible for her death. She makes him swear to defeat the Shadows before she dies, and he keeps his promise, staying as her Knight until it is seen to fruition. They were a dedicated couple who loved each other, and Anabel's devotion remains even after she dies, breaking through the Shadow's control and allowing the main character to purify and destroy her thoughtform. In every ending, she is said to smile at Christopher until she fades, sharing her final moments in bliss and hope.


.Anabel was Liam's older sister. They grew up together, as their father was a priest who was often busy and rarely at home. Their mother raised them until she passed away.

Due to their busy careers (Anabel as Prayer Maiden and Liam as tailor), Anabel and Liam learned to communicate via notes. It is Liam's greatest regret that they did not have many serious verbal conversations before Anabel died.

Main Character

.Anabel communicates to the main character via dreams. In Liam's route, it is revealed that Anabel's Crystal, after shattering, was imbued with pure love for her brother Liam and lover Christopher. In order to protect them, it coalesces into the Dark Crystal that the main character wields, allowing both men to draw out a Prayer Maiden wand then they and the main character are in danger. This is because of Anabel's desire to protect those she loves. Anabel believes in the main character's pure heart, and entrusts the future of the world to her before allowing the main character to purify and destroy her thoughtform.


Her magical attacks revolved around the power of Darkness, and she was the most powerful Prayer Maiden alive up until her death, her powers surpassing those of even Sophia and Troy. While it is implied that she used similar spells to those the main character uses, as both wielded Dark Crystals, none of Anabel's spells are ever verbalized. As a thought-form, Anabel uses pure magic, and does not need incantations to release it. Instead, she uses a purple anemone to channel the magic and imbue it with the power of the Shadows.