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Main character
Akira Kasamatsu
Akira Kasamatsu
Age 38
Height 184cm/6'0"
Family Kazumi Kimijima (wife)

Akira Kasamatsu is your employer and a potential romance option in Can't Say No.

Akira Kasamatsu was born on April 9th to parents of unknown statuses. He is the Chief Director of the Undergarment Manufacturer Sales Department, possessing a reputation as a strict and quick tempered boss among his employees. He separates his career and personal life, as he is much more compassionate outside of work. Despite his seemingly harsh exterior, Akira can be kind and comforting especially to those in need of support. He is married to Kazumi Kimijima, but often expresses his lack of fondness for her. Subsequently, he is open to beginning a relationship with someone new.


Main article: Can't Say No: Akira Kasamatsu (Walkthrough)




  • Presumably, Akira was born in 1975.

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